• Support Women in Cannabis

    Over a century ago, the Nineteenth Amendment was added to the U.S. Constition allowing American women the right to vote for the very first time. While this was no easy feat, this became a crucuial turning point on the road to social equality in the United States. Today, females are able to live remarkably unimaginable lives. When we were once deemed fit to be only homemakers and housewives, we are now empowered to do so much more. Who would have thought 100 years from now, women would be a key
  • It's Friday the 13th!

    Friday the 13th superstitions explored.
  • Flow Kana Brand Interview

    Who is Flow Kana [budee.org/brands/flow-kana]? Founded by Michael Steinmetz, Flavia Cassani, Adam Steinberg, and Diego Zimet, Flow Cannabis Co. was founded in 2015 to promote the fullest expression of sungrown, sustainably farmed cannabis in its many forms. Its flagship brand, Flow Kana [http://budee.org/brands/flow-kana], is California’s best-selling flower brand and remains the first cannabis brand to embrace Northern California’s ecosystem of family run, independent farmers.  By partnering a
  • Stay Cool & Unwind with THC

    Ways to beat the heat and unwind with THC.
  • Six Sleep Aids To Dream About

    Having trouble sleeping? Here are a few items that can send you to dreamland in no time!