Stay Cool & Unwind with THC

Budee at 08-03-2021 07:19 PM

It's summer in California and it's stupid hot outside. We understand not everyone has access to an A/C unit and in a perfect world we would all love to be living in a walk-in refridgerator this time of year. For those suffering, we've got a few solutions for you to at least make your California summer a bearable one 'cause when life gives you lemons... well, you know how it goes. Get your ice packs ready, crank your fans up to the max level, and let's go!

We know. It's stupid hot outside. 



First step to beating the heat? A nice, cold beverage. For those who love to put together a nice homemade lemonade chiller, grab a bottle of Yummi Karma's Watermelon Drops and mix this magic elixir in! Each bottle contains 120mg of THC (dose at your discretion, you know your body's needs best) and is free of cruelty, gluten, soy, and animal by-products. We recommend shaking, not stirring like our good friend James Bond suggests. Need a good recipe for watermelon lemonade? We found a great one here!



Not a magician in the kitchen? That's okay! Rebel Coast has you covered with a multitude of infused sparkling beverages that will chill you out both physically and mentally. We especially love the black cherry flavor, but feel free to sample the many flavors they offer. Each 12 oz. can is packed with 10mg of THC and--trust us on this one--this will quickly become a stable in your ice box for your next beach trip. Cheers to no hangovers!



For our next trick, you'll need a blender and a good imagination. We stumbled upon something one day when we were trying to piece together a healthy breakfast smoothie with a little extra oomph! Toss into your blender a cup or two of non-dairy milk and a handful each of blueberries and strawberries. Grab a Chill chocolate bar, dose to your preference (we went with 50mg of the 20:1 Peace bar), and start blending. Et Voilà! You've got a nice breakfast smoothie that will get your day off to a great start.



Wanna get some more mileage out of those irresistably tasty gummies? Throw them in the fridge! Not only will you prevent your gummies from melting into a jelloey goo, but you'll get a little cooling sensation next time you decide to pop one of those babies in your mouth. Wyld gummies are our fave because they are naturally flavored and they have a variety of formulations to suit your every need!



This one is our ultimate favorite. Rehab's Cooling Roll-On is designed as a pain reliever that adds a cooling touch. If you're burning up, glide some of this onto the areas that ail you, and you'll be chilling in no time. Good-bye lower back pain!

Need more solutions for the summer heat? Check out our enitre catalog of trusted cannabis products over at Budee.org!