It's Friday the 13th!

Budee at 07-23-2021 06:52 PM

This year we've only got one Friday the 13th to celebrate, so better make it count! (Last year we had two, but I think we can all agree 2020 was a pretty unlucky year for most of us). Today, we'll explore some of the most common superstitions associated with this ominoius day.

Are you afraid of Friday the 13th? The official term for this irrational fear is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia. If you can pronounce it correctly, you can be cured of the phobia, but I'll let you google that one.

THE 13th FLOOR - Most places constructed in the good ol' days will have avoided buidling a 13th floor entirely. So if you see this unholy number missing on the elevator, that's why. If you think about it though, wouldn't the 14th floor technically be the 13th floor? Oh, and supposedly some airplanes will also omit having a 13th row, but I haven't seen this being done lately.

HAIRCUTS - It is said that anyone who goes to the barber to get their hairs cut on the 13th will experience a death in a family. We won't know if it's your crazy Aunt Sally or your favorite uncle, so play it safe. Get that appointment rescheduled.

SKIP THE BRUSH - Speaking of hair, don't brush your hair on the 13th. They say if a bird catches wind of your fallen hair and builds a nest out of it, baldness will be in your future. Stay away from birds!

MIRRORS - This one is as old as time and you know the drill: Don't break a mirror, ever. Seven years of bad luck will folllow you if you do.

LADDERS - Walking under a ladder will land yourself at the gallows, but if you must, just say "bread and butter" while you're walking under. As a fail safe, cross your fingers until you see a dog. Dogs are always good news.

AVOID THE CRACKS - Remember that children's rhyme about the crack and breaking backs? Well, it's a thing so be careful out there. Watch where you walk.

BABIES - If a baby wants to come out, it's gonna come out. Just know that you're gonna have to name your child Jason and he will grow up to be an evil slasher. Just kidding. Babies born on Friday the 13th are known to be unlucky for life. FYI: Steve Buscemi and the Olsen Twins were born on Friday the 13th, so all is not lost.

FUNERALS - Just a heads up, if you attend a funeral procession on Friday the 13th, you'll end up dead the next day. Better just send a card and avoid the whole thing entirely.

NO BOATS - Ships that raise their sails on Fridays are said to be doomed with misfortune. This also applies to any trips that begin on Friday. It is said that you will encounter bad luck for the duration of your trip, but I don't know about this one. I've gone on plenty of trips on a Friday and ended up having a terribly good time.

PASS THE SALT - Use caution when passing the salt, please. If you knock it over on Friday the 13th is known to lead to extremely bad luck on this day. Every other day, it's just regular bad luck.

MIND YOUR MANNERS - If on Friday the 13th you place your shoes on a table, sleep on a table, or even sing at the table... your risk of bad luck will significantly increase. Why you would choose to put shoes on a table is beyond me, but I'm just the messenger here.

TATTOOS - If you're looking for a cheap way to rack up some extra ink on your sleeves, Friday the 13th is typically a great day for it. Traditionally, most shops offer special flash sheets with tattoos starting as low as $13 a pop. It is customary to leave a $7 tip in exchange for their hard work, so be sure to tip or you'll have bad luck forever. Also, keep in mind this is a super busy day for shops. Be prepared to wait in long lines for your $13 tattoo, so bring snacks.

SHOP SMART - Avoid making major purchases on this day... you never know what kind of bad ju-ju might come with it so better safe than not. If you do have to shop, make sure you're getting a killer deal! Budee.org offers discounted bundles on hundreds of your favorite cannabis products and there's always sweet deals around the corner.

Rather than live in fear on this famously unlucky day, try to embrace it and enjoy the fact that this day is actually pretty heckin' special. Just don't do sometehing dumb (like I did) and book to have your bloodwork done on this day--would not recccomend. Maybe marathon the Friday the 13th slasher films with friends instead? If all else fails, you can always get your weed delivered to you so you don't have to deal with the perils of the outside world today.