Support Women in Cannabis

Budee at 08-12-2021 11:16 PM

Over a century ago, the Nineteenth Amendment was added to the U.S. Constition allowing American women the right to vote for the very first time. While this was no easy feat, this became a crucuial turning point on the road to social equality in the United States.

Today, females are able to live remarkably unimaginable lives. When we were once deemed fit to be only homemakers and housewives, we are now empowered to do so much more. Who would have thought 100 years from now, women would be a key driving force in the now legal cannabis industry?

Let's continue to support and empower women in any way we can. Below are a just a few female-owned cannabis brands that you can start supporting today and everyday after that!


Image source: @madebykiva

In early 2010, founders Kristi Knoblich and Scott Palmer set out on a mission to create what would become the gold standard in cannabis confections for the state of California. Their aim was to provide a safe, consistent, and delicious edible for the legal cannabis market. Wow, did they deliver! From gummies to chocolates, they have knocked it out of the park with their creativity and innovation. You can still enjoy Kiva edibles today and this brand will continue to to be my personal favorite. PS. Try their mint chocolate chip CBN bar, it tastes like heaven and it really helps those struggling to find a good night's sleep.


Image source: @missgrass

Founded by two badass women Kimberly Dillon and Kate Miller, this pair birthed Miss Grass in the hopes of dispelling the stigma around weed and setting the record straight about who cannabis users really are. The brand has a vast array of cannabis products ranging from the traditional flower and joints to more specialized items like their CBD-based face potion.

Everyone I knew in my life, including myself, smoked a lot of weed and was extremely productive. - Kate Miller, Miss Grass Co-Founder


Image source: @missmirums

Miss Mirum’s is a female owned edible manufacturer located in hazy San Francisco, California. Their edibles are hand-crafted by real chefs to create a true sensory experience. If you're the type that gets bored with the typical boring flavors most gummy companies provide, you'll be wildly surprised at their offerings. Groovy Guava is one of my favorites!


Image source: @yummikarma

Chelsea and Krystal Kitahara are two sisters who teamed up and developed some of the most delicious cannabis tinctures on the market. Each and every one of their creations are tailored to treat specific ailments and were designed with the female cannabis consumer in mind. In fact, their best selling tincture Drift Away was created out of necessity when they discovered that their mother was having serious difficulties getting a good night's sleep.

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