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Mendo Breath (1)

18.56 % THC
$999for 1 unit
Mendo Breath marijuana strain is a 70/30 Indica-dominant strain that was created by the professionals at Gage Green Genetics. Mendo Breath blossoms for 9-10 weeks, and its nuggs are light green with purple hints. Mendo Breath boasts an enticing aroma of caramel, mint, and chocolate. Mendo Breath marijuana strain is good for evening and nighttime use.Mendo Breath marijuana strain induces a mild cerebral buzz that helps improve mood and helps suppress your depression. After taking this strain, you will probably feel sleepy, which is typical of this strain. Mendo Breath is a good all around strain. Breeder: Gage Green Genetics. Genetics: Mendo Breath cannabis strain is a cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage.
Prop 65 Warning