Northern Emeralds

With a commitment to grow the best possible version of the plant, Northern Emerald's ever-evolving, innovative methodology combines a rich history of farming techniques with a tireless work ethic. Using strict standards for quality, all Northern Emeralds cannabis strains must meet several QA checkpoints to earn the seal of approval. Few flowers come close to the superb quality and aesthetics of Northern Emeralds cannabis. To all connoisseurs, this is your new favorite grow!
Strawnana  from Northern Emeralds
Northern EmeraldsStrawnana
32.68 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$651/8 oz
Strawnana is a hybrid that creates a harmony of cerebral and body sensations. Keeping your mind sharp, creative, and peaceful while your body stays relaxed.
Durban Poison from Northern Emeralds
Northern EmeraldsDurban Poison
29.34 % THC0.11 % CBD
Scheduled delivery
$651/8 oz
Durban Poison | Like biting into a fresh citrus, this heavily frosted strain yields an aroma that is as energizing as its tasty. The juicy lemon and orange flavors make this strain the perfect compliment for your morning meal and will keep you boosted throughout the day.