Strawberry Cough | 1g Infused Preroll

42.63 % THC0.13 % CBD
$22for 1 g
Looking for a strain that's as sweet as a berry and as potent as a cough? Look no further than Strawberry Cough! This sativa strain is bursting with the delicious taste of fresh strawberries, with a hint of earthy undertones that'll keep you coming back for more. Its buds are as eye-catching as they are fragrant, with bright red hairs that'll make you feel like you're picking ripe strawberries straight from the field. And when it comes to delivering a high that's both energizing and inspiring, Strawberry Cough is the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion. So whether you're hitting the gym, taking a hike, or diving into a creative project, Strawberry Cough is the perfect partner for your adventures.
Prop 65 Warning
1g indoor cannabis flower preroll | A step into normalcy. Forget about what cannabis was. Enjoy what cannabis is. Fun, Welcoming, Enjoyable.