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Chem Driver | 1/8th Flower

24.7 % THC0.06 % CBD
$25for 1/8 oz
If you're looking for a sativa strain that's as potent as it is flavorful, look no further than Chem Driver! This high-energy strain is a cross between Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, resulting in a sativa hybrid that's bursting with citrusy, diesel-like flavor and aroma. Chem Driver's effects are equally impressive, with a high that's perfect for getting things done. Whether you're tackling a creative project, hitting the gym, or just need a little extra motivation to power through your day, this strain has got you covered. Chem Driver's energetic and uplifting effects are perfect for combating fatigue, leaving you feeling clear-headed and focused. So if you're looking for a strain that's sure to put a pep in your step, be sure to check out Chem Driver - the sativa strain that's perfect for the go-getters and doers of the world!
Prop 65 Warning