Brite Labs

DNU (SAMPLE ONLY) Apple Mochi | 1g Infused Preroll

43.15 % THC
$15for 1 g
Step into a realm of delightful fusion with Apple Mochi, a captivating hybrid strain that marries the crisp sweetness of apples with the soothing embrace of Mochi. Born from the crossbreeding of Sour Apple and Mochi Gelato, Apple Mochi enchants the senses with its invigorating aroma, where the tangy and juicy scent of apples intertwines with the creamy and earthy undertones of Mochi. Its buds, like the fruits of an enchanted orchard, showcase a mesmerizing display of greens and hints of orange, adorned with a frosty coat of trichomes. As you indulge in Apple Mochi, a wave of balanced effects sweeps over you, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation while maintaining mental clarity. This soothing physical high is accompanied by a gentle euphoria that uplifts the mind, inspiring creativity and a sense of contentment. Apple Mochi's harmonious effects make it a versatile strain suitable for various occasions, whether you're seeking relaxation or inspiration. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the delightful flavors and balanced effects of Apple Mochi, as it transports you to a world of pure enjoyment and tranquil euphoria.
Prop 65 Warning