Big Tree

Fuji Ice | 1g Preroll

23.32 % THC0.05 % CBD
$14for 1 g
Fuji Ice is a sativa marijuana strain made by combining multiple strains into one seed line: Skunk #1, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Shiva. This strain produces sedating effects accompanied with a body buzz. This bud has a classic spicy flowery flavor with a lightly pungent earthy exhale. The aroma is of spicy flowers and fresh earth with a light pungency that's accented by a woody overtone.
Prop 65 Warning
Big Tree, spent hundreds of hours researching the perfect flower to kief ratio for our premium sungrown kief infused pre-rolls. This is to provide you with the most potent, flavorful smoke and that smooth, even burn with every puff.