Trichome Farms

Black Widow

23.9 % THC
$36for 1/8 oz
Trichome Farms' Black Widow is a combination of Brazilian and south Indian landraces that was originally cultivated under the name White Widow. The name of this varietal was eventually changed to Black Widow to distinguish it from other White Widow cultivars. And distinguishable it is, with a sour nose and a buzzy, stimulating effect. It brings about focus and creativity, some of which can be overly stimulating to those prone to anxiety. Its aroma brings forth thoughts of ammonia and fruit. Trichome's signature strain, it has taken home six awards since 2016. Terpinolene | Myrcene | Humulene Trichome Farms is an award winning craft cannabis grow based in the heart of Oregon wine country. Founded in 2015, their focus since has been on indoor grown organic cannabis.
Prop 65 Warning