Tommy Chong's Cannabis

Blueberry THC Infused Strips

100 mg THC
$23for 100 mg
Tommy Chong’s Infused Strips a paper thin, square breath strips made from all natural ingredients and cannabis oil. As a result, they deliver active nutrients from the cannabis directly into the bloodstream by absorbing into your oral mucosal membranes in your mouth. Above all, Tommy Chong’s Infused Strips provide the best combination of bioavailability and onset time in the healthiest way possible. The effects of strips can usually be felt around 10-15 minutes after completely dissolving under the tongue. 10 servings of 10mg THC for a total of 100mg THC
Tommy Chong’s Infused Strips© come from the vision of our dedicated team of scientists, chemists, and management team who were first involved with creating oral thin breath strips years ago. When combining all of this oral strip technical know-how with our patented THC formulas, we have created the perfect healthy delivery system for THC to patients. As a result, our proprietary technology delivers faster, better, and more consistent dosing than any other sublingual product on the market. And our consumer quality benchmarks – including taste, flavor profiles, packaging, exact dosing, bioavailability, and dissolvability – are much higher than any other similar delivery system. Using these superior elements, our strips are built for activating the key cannabis compounds in our formulas fast and effectively.