Blueberry Muffin | 1g Disposable

88.47 % THC0.28 % CBD
$50for 1 g
Looking for a sweet and fruity cannabis experience? Look no further than Blueberry Muffin Sativa! This mouthwatering strain has a delicious aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffins that will make your taste buds dance with delight. But don't let the sweet scent fool you - Blueberry Muffin Sativa packs a powerful punch of uplifting and energizing effects. Whether you're starting your day off on the right foot or need a boost to power through your afternoon slump, this strain is the perfect pick-me-up. With its lineage of Afghani and Blueberry, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality and well-balanced sativa. So why settle for a boring cannabis experience when you can indulge in the sweet and satisfying flavors of Blueberry Muffin Sativa? Order yours today and take your cannabis experience to new heights!
Prop 65 Warning
PIXXL'S 1g Disposable is a premium cannabis family that offers a convenient and high-quality vaping experience. This disposable vape pen is pre-filled with 1g of high-grade cannabis oil, which is extracted using advanced techniques to produce a pure and potent product. With its sleek and compact design, PIXXL'S 1g Disposable is perfect for those who value convenience and discretion. The smooth and flavorful hits are sure to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur