Phyre Craft Cannabis

Wild Thai

22.87 % THC0.07 % CBD
$36for 1/8 oz
Phyre Craft's Wild Thai is a Thai landrace strain originally bred in the Ko Chang archipelago. With a bold and complex nose, this profile brings forth flavors of sweet wood with a sour berry finish. This is absolutely best suited for daytime, as daytime landrace cultivars tend to truly stimulating. This old school lineage is energetic and motivating, and may not work well for those to prone to anxiety from more stimulating effects. β-Myrcene | cis-β-Farnesene | β-Caryophyllene Phyre Craft Cannabis grows with living soil. They use entirely organic inputs in their custom soil blends. They believe in sustainable agriculture and the latest science-minded innovations to cultivate the finest, terpene rich cannabis.
Prop 65 Warning