B-52 | 11m 1g Live Resin Cartridge

76.49 % THC
$65for 1 g
Prepare for takeoff with B-52, an invigorating sativa strain that's sure to give you a soaring experience! Named after the iconic bomber aircraft, B-52 delivers a powerful and uplifting high that's perfect for those seeking a boost of energy and creativity. This sativa-dominant strain's exact lineage remains a mystery, but its effects speak volumes. Get ready to be whisked away by its captivating aroma, featuring a combination of sweet citrus and earthy undertones. Buckle up as B-52 takes flight, providing a euphoric and focused experience that fuels productivity and ignites inspiration. Whether you're embarking on a creative endeavor or need an extra dose of motivation to conquer the day, B-52 has your back. Let this strain be your co-pilot as you soar through the skies of creativity and productivity, reaching new heights with each puff. Get ready for an exhilarating journey with B-52, where the sky's the limit!
Prop 65 Warning
11mm Tank 1g Live Resin Diamonds Cartridge