House Of Saka


25 mg THC5 mg CBD
$45for 1 bottle
House of Saka PINK is handcrafted from grapes grown in select vineyards within California’s iconic Napa Valley. Reminiscent of beverages the have made this region famous, PINK offers subtle aromas of red fruit, honeysuckle and spring flora. Pleasing flavors of fresh strawberry, elderflower and pink grapefruit bath the palate followed a bright, citrus finish.
House of Saka PINK and WHITE Vinfusions are created with the finest grapes sourced from select vineyards within California’s renowned Napa Valley. The grapes are traditionally fermented and aged in stainless steel before the alcohol is gently removed and replaced with our proprietary TCH:CBD formulation. Handcrafted by a team with deep adult beverage experience, House of Saka Vinfusions are made to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.