Jack Herer | 1g Kief Infused Preroll

29.17 % THC0.17 % CBD
$18for 1 g
Take to the road with Jack Herer infused preroll, a sativa - hybrid bringing you an intense high and euphoric long lift that sends you into a wide range of feelings. These joints are made from raw flower of the dank, Jack strain. This strain has strong, exotic flavors with a hint of citrus and undertones of hemp and pine that are really hard to resist. This joint is made from premium indoor flowers, and that is what makes this become one of most sought after joints in the market today! Whether you are using it for daytime or nighttime, relaxing at home or enjoying a night out, this product will send you to an unbeatable cerebral high!
Prop 65 Warning
1g light-dep cannabis flower preroll infused with kief | Premium, freshly harvested flower. Machine rolled and blended. California curated, growth in house exclusively.