Golden State Canna

Wedding Crasher | 1/8th Flower Smalls

32.02 % THC0.08 % CBD
$35for 1/8 oz
Wedding Crasher, also known as "Wedding Crashers," is a hybrid marijuana strain made from a cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. When you do manage to split the buds, they release wafts of skunky scent with hints of fuel. Under that, sweet vanilla predicts the taste of the strain with an almost spicy exhale. Alongside the fruity taste come positive effects. Users feel happy, uplifted, and giggly when they consume the buds or the oil made from Wedding Crasher strain. The plant also gives users a creative push. There is also a relaxing feeling that washes over the users.
Prop 65 Warning
The same 1/8 oz light-dep grown cannabis flower | High quality, clean, outdoor, and affordable cannabis just in smaller nugs that still pack a big punch.