Fun Uncle

Sour Power Hour | 1g Preroll

21.38 % THC
$15for 1 g
Channel your inner Uncle Buck with the potent, super energetic high of Sour Power Hour (Sour Diesel x Lemon Kush). Its eye-popping citrus and diesel aroma will have you smelling it over and over, while its sweet lemon flavor is sure to be a hit with the gang. Sour Power Hour’s euphoric, very clear, non-drowsy high makes it the perfect active strain. So lace up those bowling shoes or break out the badminton: It's game on.
Fun Uncle is a cannabis brand that grows the type of everyday flower from your parents' hippie heyday, and they price it to match. Their flower provides reliable and approachable effects and potency, and the indicas are consistently earthy, and the sativas bright.