Eel River Organics

Charlotte's Surprise Diamonds

80.8 % THC
$55for 1 g
Real, natural cannabis from a real, working farm The sun. The rain. The soil. And the seeds. These are the simple ingredients they use to produce some of the finest medical cannabis in the world. At Eel River Organics, they are blessed with an amazingly fertile location along the Eel River in Humboldt County – California’s cannabis country – where their plants are allowed to flower and flourish. At this living, biodynamic farm, they grow cannabis in its purest, most natural state, right alongside organic fruits and vegetables. Nothing synthetic. Nothing artificial. No pesticides or herbicides. Just Mother Nature, aided by skilled farmers with their hands in the dirt. Time-honored dry farming yields a premium product they are dedicated to organic, sustainable farming that’s very friendly to the environment and highly beneficial to their plants. Their dry farming process requires no irrigation – which not only conserves water, but significantly improves the final flower. Better flavor. Greater potency. Lasting freshness. And an all-around richer experience. Dry farming: what is it, and why does it matter? Dry farming has a long history of success in California – and today, it’s the smartest way to grow cannabis in Humboldt County. Since there’s no irrigation, there’s no waste, which is vital in our water-starved state. Plus, the lack of water actually increases the quality of Eel River Organics products. Through careful management of the soil, their plants capture the winter rains and exist on the stored moisture during the dry season. As the plants fight for water, they become more vigorous, and the levels of THC and essential oils rise. The result is a product with better freshness, flavor and feel. Their crop is hand-tended, naturally cured and harvested without scissors or machines, ensuring that their customers receive the full benefits of the whole flower.
Nothing beats the flavor of dry-farmed cannabis. Our plants grow in a natural environment and are exposed to the elements along the bank of the Eel River without additional irrigation. Dry farming outdoors cause the plant to develop higher levels of essential oils and cannabinoids. In short, a richer terpene profile and more flavorful experience for you. Live Diamonds are made from fresh flower that was flash frozen immediately after harvest. Diamonds are crystaline structures cured in a high terpene solution.