Rosin Cart | GMO x Silver Grape

67.74 % THC0.42 % CBD
$75for 1/2 g
GMO has genetics from Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies, while Silver Grape has genetics from Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze X Grape Krush. This is a great rosin cartridge for after a long workday to help relieve stress and any concerns weighing on the user and encourage a good night’s sleep.
For the live rosin you love to dab but in a convenient, long-lasting cartridge offering authentic flavor, aroma and high. Each cartridge is filled with pure live cannabis rosin using our proprietary solventless process and containing 500mg of full-spectrum, strain-specific, solventless live rosin hash oil, delivering a true entourage effect and authentic high. CLSICS cartridges are made with real glass casings, a bullet ceramic mouthpiece, and a “low temp” ceramic core vaporizer.