Peanut Butter Breath x Ice Queen Rosin | 4 Pack Infused PreRolls

29.3 % THC0.07 % CBD
$85for 2.8 g
4-Pack of .7g Strain-specific full flower and hash rosin-infused prerolls. Each preroll contains .5g of premium indoor floor and .2g ice water hash rosin.
All CLSICS rosin infused pre rolls are hand crafted from start to finish.These products begin with carefully curated strain specific cannabis which is then infused with our in house processed fresh frozen ice water hash rosin extracted from meticulously procured strains selected for their unique terpene profiles to deliver a delicious, mouthwatering connoisseur level solventless experience. Each .7 gram pre roll contains .2 grams of infused Rosin