Brite Labs

Rainbow Chip | 1g Sugar

85.77 % THC0.15 % CBD
$40for 1 g
Step into a world of colorful euphoria with Rainbow Chip, a captivating hybrid strain that promises an uplifting and joyful experience. Born from the crossbreeding of Sunset Sherbet and Mint Chocolate Chip, Rainbow Chip enchants the senses with its delightful aroma, where sweet and creamy notes of mint and chocolate blend harmoniously with fruity undertones. Its buds, like a vibrant spectrum of colors, showcase a mesmerizing display of purples, greens, and oranges, adorned with a glistening coat of trichomes. As you indulge in Rainbow Chip, a wave of happiness and positivity washes over your mind, leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired. Simultaneously, a gentle relaxation spreads throughout the body, melting away tension and promoting a state of contentment. Rainbow Chip's balanced effects make it suitable for various occasions, from enhancing social interactions to enjoying a moment of creative expression. Embrace the vibrant allure of Rainbow Chip, and let its delightful flavors and harmonious effects transport you to a world of pure joy and multi-colored bliss.
Prop 65 Warning
Brite’s premium 100% cannabis sugar delivers a connoisseur’s dab experience. Brite’s proprietary extraction process maximizes the natural cannabinoid & terpene profile found in each strain. Brite Sugar has a unique, semi-crystalline texture that is suggestive of Diamonds in a 1.0 g jar.