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Garlotti | 1/8th Bag

24.72 % THC
$30for 1/8 oz
Garlotti is an indica hybrid weed strain made by crossing Chemdawg with Gelatti, for a zinger plant with frosty green and violet buds. Garlotti lives up to its name with a flavor that’s like dumping an Italian spice cabinet into your mouth, with hints of herbal wood tones, flares of peppery spice, mellow tastes like sage and other herbs, a hint of sweet fruit, and of course the overwhelming pungent nose-curling twang of garlic. The Garlotti high hits you a few minutes after your final toke, filling your body with a mellow relaxing effect. You'll feel physically at ease while a sense of calm washes over your brain, lulling you into a state of happy ease. This relaxation in both mind and body is accompanied by a pleasant tingle that can be slightly arousing at times.
Prop 65 Warning
1/8 oz light-dep grown cannabis flower | Brite Labs is dedicated to raising the bar on cannabis. With the flower sourced from top cultivators across the state, our 100% cannabis extracts & concentrates crafted in small batches with terpenes preserved offer a natural, balanced experience that is closest to flower. New products added weekly. Yours truly.