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Vanilla Bean | Infused Preroll 5pk

21.64 % THC0.06 % CBD
$45for 3.5 g
Vanilla Bean, also known as “Vanilla Kush” or “Vanilla Bean Kush,” is a hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Kashmir X Afghani strains. As its name says, vanilla and butter are the dominant strain aromas that will get you hooked. These yummy dessert scents indicate the presence of linalool and valencene and are favorites among kush connoisseurs. They are very addictive and won’t disappoint smokers. The Vanilla Bean high starts with a euphoric boost that leaves you feeling completely uplifted and in a state of soaring bliss. As your mind floats away through pleasant pain-relieving hazy introspection, your body will fall victim to a slightly buzzy body high that can quickly become sleepy and sedative.
Prop 65 Warning
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